Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You Attract What You Are

There have been times in my life that I have had different "kinds" of friends. Some good and some bad. One thing I have found to be true about each period of friendship is I became exactly like them!

This is why it is so very important for us to be Christ-like. When we let down our gaurd and become more accustomed to what the flesh wants, we are allowing an oppertunity for the devil to use a bad influence in our life. A bad influence such as a friend.

When you begin to chase after ungodliness, you are bound to reap ungodly friends!
If you are wanting to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord, you must be aware of who you hang around. Wether we notice it or not people have a big impact on how we respond and make decisions in our life. Make sure the people you are spending your time with are good godly influences in your life.

These are just a few things that are different in a godly and ungodly persons life:

A Godly Friend



*lives a seperated life

*goes to church

*reads and studies the Bible


*helps you spiritually

A Ungodly Friend


*talks dirty



*lives a conformed | worldly life


If you want to determine the kind of person you are becoming a good way to reflect is by observing your friends and those who have the biggest impact in your life.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Faithful to Forgive

I have sinned against God so many times. I have forsaken Him and pushed Him out of my life time and time again. I have turned my back on Him and there have been times I have forgotten or just simply ignored Him.

My mind has been so overwhelmed with the forgiveness of God! Time and again the Lord has faithfully forgiven me for things in my life.

While this never ceases to amaze me, it is hard for me to comprehend how He continues to forgive me repeatedly for the same things. When I struggle with a sin in my life He doesn't kick me to the curb. Instead He forgives me and patiently helps me to overcome those things.

He forgives me even when I don't pray or live for Him. He forgives me when I deliberately disobey His word.
I am so unworthy, yet He loves me!

Lord, my heavy heart is weighing on my mind
Cause I have let You down one more time.
While my broken hearted eyes are filling up with tears
We both know the reason why I'm here.

When I confess my failures
You've been faithful to forgive
Each guilty stain, one by one
You have cleansed
So I bow my heavy heart before You again
For You have been faithful
Ever faithful to forgive.

Oh, what needless pain I've suffered on my own
Oh the sleepless nights I've faced alone.
All because I fail to run to Your river of mercy
Let Your healing waters cleanse my soul.